Looking to find some answers to questions you have about orchids? Or perhaps you just want to use time learning about orchids and orchid related subjects. in this section of the OSMT website, there is something for everyone to the beginner deciding about their first orchid to the orchid fanatic that has been growing them for years.

OSMT at the Lawn and Garden Show

A Walk With Marilee” features Tom Harper at the show.

Culture Sheets

Find culture sheets from the American Orchid Society. These sheets are a great place for the beginner to find more information about the plant they just purchased at the big box store, or for the experience hobbiest to find out more about growing their favorite genus.

Member Tips

Learn from the other members in the society by joining OSMT which includes access to group discussions, sharing tips on growing orchids. Like our facebook page … help us reach more of the public.

Member Photos

Visit Pintrest  ( for pictures taken by our members of some great orchids.


Each month we have a presentation given at our society meetings.